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Looks like I got myself together and started writing again. On one hand, this is a part of the blog-writing assignment of my English course, but on the other hand, it really feels reasonable for me to write about the last moments of my exchange year now when it's not too difficult to think about it anymore. Also, the fact that I'm writing in English makes this understandable for all my friends :)

I suppose this one will be more of an emotional post than a check-in with nice pictures.

There was never a bucket list for my exchange. Sometime during April or May I realised how fast time had gone and how there were still many things I would've wanted to do. Therefore, I decided to make my last months count. They did turn out to be the best months of the exchange, maybe even the best ones I'd ever had. Still, they came to an end.

Prague trip, one of the best memories I have

It's been four and a half months since I arrived home. My Finnish home, that is. I didn't fly home straight from Budapest, but spent a week in the YES seminar with all the European YFU students in Germany. Before leaving for YES, going home seemed like the utmost difficult thing to do. Saying goodbye to my friends and host-family made me cry like never before.
The sad thing wasn't not seeing them again, because I knew I would come back on autumn holiday (like I did), but knowing that it would never be the same again. We would never have the same group of exchange students in Budapest, I would never be my ex-classmates' classmate and I would never actually live at my host-family's house again. One thing won't change, though, and that's the city. I can always go back to Budapest and Budapest will be there waiting for me.
The week in Germany felt quite long. In fact, at the time I felt like I would've rather gone straight home to Finland. I had to leave my host country anyway, so being in the middle of my two homes felt pretty meaningless. Now, afterwards, I think going straight from Budapest to Helsinki would've been a big crash. The time spent on the camp was a time for me to really prepare myself for the upcoming challenge of going back home. It was also the last chance to spend time with the European exchange students who were in Hungary.

So, leaving my host country was way harder than leaving my original home country. I would've never thought that it would be so, but it is pretty common amongst exchange students, I guess.

Readjusting to the Finnish culture was tricky but it's something I will write about some other time.

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